Residential Lot Line & Street Right-of-Way
    Hey, homeowners, did you realize you are doing a public service (at least in Spring, Summer and Fall)? Residential subdivision lot lines are usually several feet behind the curb... More Info...

Surveying Fun Facts 
    Former Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln started out as Land Surveyors.
    Lewis and Clark surveyed one of the most well known real estate deals for President Jefferson - The Louisiana Purchase!... More Info...

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Harden and Associates Surveying and Mapping, PC is one of Oklahoma's premiere residential and commercial surveying companies and is committed to providing the highest quality of surveying and mapping services. The firm has been in business for over eleven years and is based in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The company is dedicated to being the leader in all facets of surveying and mapping and positively impacting the surveying profession by meeting our clients needs in a timely manner consistent with the rules mandated by the Oklahoma Board of Professional Land Surveyors.

The staff of Harden and Associates combines training, field experience and advanced technology to provide exceptional services to our clients. We are equipped with a full range of surveying capabilities to complete every function associated with surveying.